Have you and your team got stuck in the same old routine - and it is not going any further?

Have you reached a point where it requires new thinking and new solutions?


Do you need to get rid of old used energy to be able to start working effectively and positively together again?

Do you have it amazingly well together and want to keep the good spirit?

With group therapy, you and your team get a chance to make a “yearly control” to reconcile, to find new opportunities, solve problems and move on to new clear goals.


Everything under the professional supervision of our therapists and coaches who are working with the cognitive approach, ie we find future solutions. We follow the European Psychotherapy Association of Ethical and moral guidelines and work with confidentiality.


We recommend all of our groups to enjoy the environment at our conference-center in Marbella or at our conference center in Fuengirola (close to Malaga on Costa Del Sol). A new setting is important to think in new and different ways.


If you do what you always have done

Then you’ll get what you always have got!

We can also carry out these programs in your home country – however the impact of change of thinking will be less.



The number of days required for a program depends on what you would like to work with and what goals you have - but three mornings in a row – with a group that wants to communicate better and who together wants to find the energy and to move towards an exciting future – is usually a good start.

Tip: Do not wait until therapy is needed! Enjoy an annual group therapy - so you will move forward to new goals.







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