To evolve is a part of life! As a leader, you are often alone in making decisions that are commercially correct but perhaps personally exhausting. Then it is important to have professional tools and models to work with. Many of our costumers remain with us after these seminars for a mentor to talk once a month through skype.


As a leader you want to ensure that your staff feel as good as possible in order to perform at its peak.



So how do you achieve the best work environment?



Create a better working environment

Staff who feel good about themselves are performing better, will become more efficient and will increase profitability! So what do you do to create the best best possible working environment?

Be clear and fair!

(A good manager can never be friends with the staff, but can be respected because she or he is fair and clear).

Provide flexibility for how a task should be solved - as long as the target is reached.


Have faith in your employees that they themselves will achieve the goal although as manager you are there if help is needed and to support your staff.

Make clear responsibilities and make sure that strategies are solution-focused. If everyone knows why they are needed in the organization and how important it is to take care of their piece of the puzzle and how it appears in the big picture - 

they will take responsibility for it and it will be done in the best way. Provide help so that problems can be resolved quickly and positively. You should be able to trust your staff and personnel to trust you - otherwise it's not a good long-term combination for success!


Have performance reviews in which praise and future planned (it's not just the salary to be discussed - but also comfort issues and development opportunities.

Show appreciation continuously to all!

Top 3 for a manager:

- Have Monday meetings

- Have development discussions with your team

- Distinguish between the three P's (Private, Personal, Professional)



 Other interesting areas for you to choose from:


- The best performance review

- Different styles of leadership - which suits you best?

- How do I convey clarity to my staff

- Effective communication






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