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New research shows that it is time to treat yourself as good as you treat your family and friends.

It's no longer about doing things with sheer willpower - but instead by being kind to yourself!







Research shows that the people who are very caring and sympathetic to their surroundings - are rarely as kind to themselves!


The survey shows that if we stop blaming ourselves and instead focus on what we are good at then we will not only be happier, but also achieve better health!


I like me for who I am and I like you for who you are. This is one of the most important foundation stones of Transaction analysis;

One of the surveys, which was made by Dr. Neff at the University of Texas at Austin, shows that if you are kind to yourself you will feel much better, be more optimistic and less depressed and stressed. How does that sound?

Another study conducted in 2007 at Wake Forest University shows that the Self-Compassion can make you lose weight! You will eat less and lose weight if you are kind to yourself.

The psychologist Jean Fain who works at Harvard Medical School says that the Self-Compassion is the ingredient that is missing in all weight loss regimens and without it you will not succeed!



All research shows that the best thing for a lasting lifestyle change is to get away from familiar environment. So what could be better than the sunny, beautiful and healthy Mediterranean. In Fuengirola (between Malaga and Marbella) we have found all of the best that Spain has to offer. Wonderful climate, beautiful miles of sandy white beaches, orange trees, olive trees and lots of fresh fruit & vegetables all year round.


The sun, the warmth and the beautiful setting makes your body immediately calm, happy, relaxed and receptive to new ideas!


For personal development

Day 1

You are amazing! With the tools, models and analysis from the latest research, we will find your area of excellence!

Day 2

Stress is fine and a perfectly natural part of life - provided you have the time for recovery.


So are you aware what is stressing you? We do tests and analyze your situation.

Day 3

A fine day for the body and soul!

Morning Qi Gong at the beach, relaxation exercises, mental training and yoga at sunset.

Day 4

Welcome to Self-Compassion!

We tailor your strategies for how to get the "Compassion - with yourself!"

A new start - a new way of thinking!

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Day 5

Your new life-script! You write the first page of your new life.

To be good

- Is being good on yourself!


We create your personal plan ahead and give you models to follow up.


The entire course has a cognitive and transaction analytical focus.

It consists both of individual conversations, but also of group therapy. This, combined with the models in the program tend to be very liberating and life-affirming. A nice fresh start of your new life!

We combine theory and practice at its best!

The above lecture program takes place outdoors, weather permitting (and otherwise in the conference room) at 3 pm to 7 pm Monday & Tuesday & Thursday, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm Wednesday & Friday.

On Monday night at 7 pm, you are welcome to join us for a night walk where we show the city, beach and ends with a drink outside the old castle overlooking the sea.

On Tuesday morning, between 10 am 2 pm, we visit the market in Fuengirola for those who want to "shop till you drop!"

On Thursday evening we invite you to a tapas party at 7 pm.

Cost: 800, Euro - including VAT - The cost includes all course materials, accommodation (6 nights, Sunday Arrival and Departure Saturday) in a double room, B & B standard, in the center of Fuengirola and the tapas evening.

You can pay extra to the hotel to get a single room and/or extra nights.

(The flight is not included. We recommend that you fly with Ryan Air cheap and direct to Malaga. Transfer by train direct from airport to the center of Fuengirola (at hotel) costs about 7 euros.)



22-26 maj 2013 - Course is full!

6-10 augusti 2013









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